Teddy Bear Foundation

Our mission is to create a community for homeless and disabled veterans in order to focus on healing the Mind, Body and Soul from the physical and mental wounds associated with military service and to teach skills needed to better transition back into civilian life.

Join With us on a Sacred Mission to Leave NO Man (or Woman) Behind.


Our mission is to create a community for homeless and disabled veterans in order to focus on healing the Mind, Body and Soul from the physical and mental wounds associated with military service and to teach skills needed to better transition back into civilian life.


Christopher Alexander Judd is the CEO and co-founder of the Teddy Bear Foundation. Chris is a native of Lauderdale County, Alabama. He graduated from Job Corps before joining the United States Navy for Aviation Ordnance serving from 2003-2005. After his service in the Navy, he attended Northwest Shoals Community College for machinist trade school. Chris then went on to work in customer service for 10 years. He felt as though he still owed his brothers and sisters in arms something and therefore the idea of the Teddy Bear Foundation was born. He understands what it’s like to come home and have to live with the scars. He firmly believes that veterans should not have to fight for food, shelter, and a job when they have already sacrificed so much for our freedoms. It’s time our veterans have someone who will actually fight for them and with them. He is dedicated to serving those who served and to ensure that they never feel alone or forgotten. God Bless America!


Wendy Thigpen Rickard is the CFO and co-founder of the Teddy Bear Foundation. Wendy is a native of Lauderdale County, Alabama.  She graduated from Brooks High School in 2008 and went on to pursue a degree in American history and business at Northwest Shoals Community College and the University of North Alabama. In 2010 Wendy applied for and completed the program to be a nationally certified pharmacy technician. After working in pharmacy for two years she left due to her own moral issues with the opioid crisis and corruption within our healthcare system, and her firm belief in service over self. Wendy was not eligible for enlistment into the armed services; however her desire to serve our great country is unwavering. A true patriot, Wendy has dedicated herself to serving veterans where they need help the most, on the home front, after the scars of war are forgotten by the military.


JJ Stewart is the COO and co-founder of Teddy Bear Foundation. JJ is a native of Lauderdale County, Alabama, but attended high school at Lewisburg High School in Olive Branch, Mississippi, where she graduated  in 2011 with honors.  JJ attended Northwest Mississippi Community College for Criminal Justice, but suspended her classes in 2012 to join the United States Marine Corps.  She served in the Marines from 2013-2018 as an Intelligence Specialist stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC.  Upon her discharge in 2018, JJ moved back to her home state of Alabama and began working as a Loss Prevention Officer at the Marriott Shoals Hotel and Spa while pursuing a business degree at the University of North Alabama. It was while working at the Marriott that JJ met Chris and Wendy who had started the groundwork to get Teddy bear Foundation up and running. Being a veteran herself she knows the importance of helping her fellow veterans.  Sometimes just trying to find out where they fit in the civilian world is a struggle, or realizing that serving is an honor, but it comes with a cost.  The cost for some is noticeable, but other wounds are unseen.  JJ wants them to know they are not alone and that’s why she got on board with establishing the Teddy Bear Foundation.   JJ fully believes that God has called her to help her brothers and sisters not on the battlefield of war, but on the battlefield we as veterans have to live with on a day to day basis.

Teddy Bear Foundation

Offering rehabilitation to the Veteran, Mind, Body, and Soul

Teddy Bear Foundation is dedicated to the Rehabilitation of the United States Veteran Mind, Body and Soul. We offer custom assistance not only to the suffering Veteran but to their family unit as well. By fostering the idea of communities helping Veterans and Veterans helping communities, we hope to change the stigma associated with our Veterans and their very real need for care. The transition from military to civilian life is difficult, but don’t worry we’ve got your six.

At TBF we believe that no Veteran should be subject to homelessness, untreated medical needs, or isolation when they return to American soil. These brave men and women who fought for our freedoms often fall victim to drugs and alcohol as their only coping mechanism. Some have mental issues right off the bat, for others it could be years before they are triggered. The “opioid epidemic” has fueled the helplessness by supplying them with temporary fixes that only mask the underlying problem: They were in WAR. They have experienced death up close, their comrades, the enemy, and the innocent civilians. They lost limbs, suffered TBIs, PTSD and crippling anxiety.

TBF has a vision of building a community where veterans who have fallen into despair, with nowhere to turn, can come and heal with the help of others just like them. This will be a fully self-sufficient community that will teach trades, agriculture, and civilian lifestyle. We wish to include a community center, a medical building, trade shops, and most important “tiny homes”. Our goal is to have every building handi-cap assessable so no one needs to worried about what they can or cannot do.

We understand that not everyone needs a place to stay but still have needs that they cannot afford. Veterans that come to TBF will receive a custom Vet Pack to meet their individual needs that can include but is not limited to: Clothing, hygiene needs, food, and household items. We will also help with medical cost, energy cost and transportation needs.

 Veterans that wish to go through the Top Home program will be assigned to a Care giver that will physically meet with them each day in order to navigate their healing process. Care givers will help with housework, meals, paperwork, transportation, and life planning.

TBF is a faith, based, Christian organization. However we are dedicated to help any Veteran, of any faith at any time. Weather a Veteran is Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or Agnostic they will be welcomed with open arms and all reasonable request for their faith met in their healing journey. Each veteran is an individual and deserves care and compassion in their own domination. They fought for religious freedoms and we shall do our best to accommodate them.

We will be working closely with other local originations that provide counseling and treatment programs until our facilities are completed. A screening process to ensure the vet is in the correct program is in place. And all outside originations that we use will be continually check upon so we know our Vets are receiving the care promised to them.