Introducing myself: Toni Mercaldi

Life often directs our passions via various avenues of our lives. Sometimes, one may find themselves unable to pin point where exactly it all began. I know for myself, it has usually be in the most difficult moments. In those moments, I have found my strengths; and in those lessons, I have found my passions- or should I say they found me. So, WHO AM I??

My name is Toni Mercaldi. I recently gained the title of editor with The Teddy Bear Foundation. I am a mother of 3, a photographer by profession, and a humanitarian by passion. One of my biggest passions is community development. I truly believe we are all in this life together and it is the responsibility of the community to care for its members in need. I feel by utilizing a hands-up approach; communities can guide one another into life’s battles with an army by their side.

I am so excited to be part of such an incredible team and cannot wait to watch this organization grow and thrive. We have the capabilities of changing lives- and we completely intend on fulfilling those. We have HUGE plans to begin the process of bringing solutions to the forefront of the housing crisis. I cannot wait to share these projects with y’all!!

Until next time-

Toni Mercaldi

IG handle: shesaysinspireme

Providing Homes for Veterans

Artist houses, green buildings, and different ways towns and nonprofits are providing homes for veterans.

Walk into the downtown of any major U.S. city now, and it may appear counterintuitive, in the middle of today’s building rush, that we have a housing deficit. In fact, we’re in the heart of an affordability crunch. According to the Urban Institute, for each 100 remarkably low-income families inadequacy of an affordable flat is common.

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Opioid Overdose Crisis


According to a recent report by “The Guardian” opioid overdose increased by one- third across the US in 14 months. It is affecting all the age groups and gender. The most rising opioid overdose epidemic is an alarm. The false use of opioid, illicit use of prescription opioid overdose killed nearly 64000 people. The misuse of the intravenous opioids is the reason of many infection and diseases. There are many health reasons degrading day by day with the use of opioids. These drugs are mostly pain relievers, heroin, etc.

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Conference to Examine Veterans Treatment

HUNTSVILLE Veteran events

At the University of Alabama in Huntsville’s Office which is of Diversity and multicultural affairs, University of Alabama school of cultural work, and U.S. Department of Veterans events will bestow a conference Feb. 9 to present Veterans Treatment Courts and their positive impact on making communities protected and assisting veterans to reintegrate into society.

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Feeding Homeless Veterans

The “Teddy Bear Foundation” is a non-profit organization dedicated to the sole purpose of caring for homeless veterans. We accomplish this by donations and working with programs that help provide meals, clothing, and ultimately the transition for many Veterans to full-time employment and life from the streets. The first thing you’re going to require if you plan, feeding homeless veterans is, the food, wouldn’t it be nice if there were plans to get it at no cost to you?

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