Introducing myself: Toni Mercaldi

Life often directs our passions via various avenues of our lives. Sometimes, one may find themselves unable to pin point where exactly it all began. I know for myself, it has usually be in the most difficult moments. In those moments, I have found my strengths; and in those lessons, I have found my passions- or should I say they found me. So, WHO AM I??

My name is Toni Mercaldi. I recently gained the title of editor with The Teddy Bear Foundation. I am a mother of 3, a photographer by profession, and a humanitarian by passion. One of my biggest passions is community development. I truly believe we are all in this life together and it is the responsibility of the community to care for its members in need. I feel by utilizing a hands-up approach; communities can guide one another into life’s battles with an army by their side.

I am so excited to be part of such an incredible team and cannot wait to watch this organization grow and thrive. We have the capabilities of changing lives- and we completely intend on fulfilling those. We have HUGE plans to begin the process of bringing solutions to the forefront of the housing crisis. I cannot wait to share these projects with y’all!!

Until next time-

Toni Mercaldi

IG handle: shesaysinspireme