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Serving Those Who Served America.



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…….. I inquired about getting it repaired but could not afford the repair cost due to bankruptcy. My wife & I lost more than a  million dollars in a business adventure gone South. 

The clerk I talked to about the repair took me aside and gave me a phone number of someone he said would help me. I managed to get the computer repaired and was introduced by the gentleman to an online training platform called Wealthy Affiliate.  I quickly took hold and advanced to the level of Ambassador in a community of more than 800,000.

I became so involved that I began to create training myself and soon found others in the community who began to seek me out. This led to me becoming almost frustrated because I was tending to everyone else’ websites and not my own. 

I had decided not to help anyone else anymore because I had yet to find my own niche, when a lady who was to be my very last “Free Ride” began to cry AFTER I had fixed her problem and it confused me.

I asked why she was crying and she said that I was the only one she could understand because I was not “Techy.” She told me that she “was glad that I had found my niche helping others.” A light bulb came on.

One of the people who contacted me for help was a sweet lady name, Sharon Davis a new member to the Wealthy Affiliate Online Training Platform.

When we began a Mentor/Student relationship we quickly became friends and she expressed a deep interest in what I had intended to do all along.Help Veterans.

Sharon is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Private Practice in Clarksville, Tn. She has been working with Troubled veterans for 12 years, Active Duty & Retired.

Sharon has also worked with the Veterans Homeless Program in Clarksville. The Veterans Administration sends Troubled Homeless Veterans to Sharon to be accessed for their needs.    

Hello, I’m Sharon Davis. I am a Vietnam era military brat, ex-wife of an Air Force Veteran & Mother of a son in the Coast Guard in Charge of The Port of New Orleans in the Coast Guard. 


Here is a picture of a Homeless Veteran. So many of our Veterans Mentally Suffer in Silence while a World goes by they were willing to lay their lives down for.