Marko Lilo

I want to thank Chris for the very considerable help we all received from your Executive Search. The process was exemplary; a large pile of applications, adeptly whittled down, with a successful appointment at the end. The process was both rigorous and transparent; which was very important given the circumstances.

Bubi Ema

I have been delighted to work with Chris on a couple of different vacancies and I have been extremely pleased with the results! Their experience within the hospice sector; their commitment to understanding the culture of our charity and their skill in matching candidates to fit our needs means that we will most certainly partner with them again should the need arise.

Zeko Bubi

I was impressed by how well the process was managed from start to finish and delighted to have interviewed candidates who were exactly what we were looking for both in terms of skills and experience and culture fit for our organisation.


Zeko Alex

There were a number of key senior fundraisers who were greatly impressed by the quality of Chris’s service, which I’m very pleased about. We couldn’t have done it better, so I do thank you.