Share Our Dream and Follow Our Progress

It is our dream to build a “home-base” community for our Veterans and their families. This community will offer a full gym, rec room, library, mess hall, medical facility, trade classrooms and most importantly housing for our homeless Veterans. It is our goal that the entire community.

The Miserable veterans in the US

The US veterans when coming back to the civilian life are the most homeless subsection of the society. There are 22 million veterans in the community, the total of 7 percent of the total population, most of them are males, and are committing suicides according to a report by Aljazeera. There are approximately 12000 veterans homeless in the United States today. The veterans are homeless, mentally unstable, drug addict, facing a lot of troubles in their day to day life. The veterans are now taking therapies to adjust themselves to the society so that can they can develop better terms with the community, near and dear ones, and family.

Secluded life of veterans: Alcoholism, Drugs, and Depression

According to research by Pewresearch the dominant share of gulf war- era veterans exist in the US population then the Vietnam and WW2 era, some of them served both the eras; WW2: Vietnam; Vietnam: gulf era. These war veterans are carrying scars deep inside their mind, and they have lost their friends and near and dear ones. The collective term commonly used is PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder), the excessive drinking, smoking, and drugs. The opioid overdose kills more than 115 people in a year. The addition of opioids includes pain-relieving drugs, heroin, and synthetic drugs.During the war, these veterans have made harsh decisions that we couldn’t make it. They deserve our respect, and one should help while dealing with the wounds and scars.

A ray of hope to make veterans life better: Teddy bear Foundation

We are the helping hands towards veterans. We are about them; the sole motive of the Teddybear foundation is to provide aid to the veterans suffering and living a miserable life. The mission is to improve their living, medical, and mental condition. To help them overcome the traumatic state, to fulfill their fundamental needs. The veterans who fought for the nation are now fighting the hunger; homelessness and even themselves. They are unseen, shattered, and broken. The military veterans have fought many wars and have been on the front lines; faced the enemies and protected the people and the country. They own high honor and respect.