Teddy bear foundaton is dedicated to the Rehabiliation of Veterans Mind, Body and soul. we offer custom assistance  not only to the suffering veteran, but to their family unit as well. by fostering the idea of communities helping veterans and veterans helping communities, we hope to change the stigma associated with our veterans and their need for care. the transition from military to civilian life is difficult, but dont worry we got your six.

Share Our Dream and Follow Our Progress

It is our dream to build a “home-base” community for our Veterans and their families. This community will offer a full gym, rec room, library, mess hall, medical facility, trade classrooms and most importantly housing for our homeless Veterans. It is our goal that the entire community.

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Veteran Benefits

The government provides VA healthcare, disability compensation, Veterans pension, housing assistance, and life insurance to our Veterans. Most Veterans do not know where to start in order to receive these benefits that they have earned. All of these programs have paperwork that if not filled out properly or in a timely manner can result in loss of those benefits. Veterans living on the street to not have the means necessary to get the help they need. With your help Teddy Bear Foundation is committed to assisting Veterans in their fight for the benefits they deserve. See our “About” page to learn more about our outreach and causes.

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1 in 4 Veterans will die from opioid overdose, this is double the rate for civilians. So often our Veterans resort to alcohol and other drugs as a coping mechanism for diseases such as PTSD, which turns into addiction. During a Veterans time in service, their bodies are beaten and battered mentally and physically; as a result most of their bodies are in a constant state of pain. This reality leads many Veterans down the road to self-medicate, abusing drugs and other substances to make the suffering end. We at Teddy Bear Foundation strive to encourage healthy coping mechanisms as a way to flatten the curve.

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Opioid Overdose Crisis

OPIOID OVERDOSE CRISIS According to a recent report by “The Guardian” opioid overdose increased by one- third across the US in 14 months. It is affecting all the age groups and gender. The most rising opioid overdose epidemic is an alarm. The false use of opioid, illicit use of prescription opioid overdose killed nearly 64000 […]

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Latest Event

The Teddy Bear Foundation is going to be reaching out to Hotel Owners for Unrented rooms and Restaurants and Hospitals & Half Way Houses to get our Once Brave Fighting Men & Women Off the Streets, Fed, in a Warm Bed and in their Right Minds.


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Latest causes


The Veterans that we are assisting do not necessarily have the means of transportation in order to receive help that they need. Teddy Bear Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that lack of transportation is not a cause for our veterans not receiving the help they deserve.



We need to remember that these are our men and women who selflessly served our country and are homeless because of problems in their lives after they came home. Problems for most of them were caused by their military service, we request our people to help us in feeding the brave-hearts.



We help veterans with medical aids for their service-connected disability.Former Prisoners of War Veterans are suffering from mental illness.We provide medical help to our vetrans who are in need.Veterans Care program designed to provide affordable healthcare to uninsured veterans.


Ramps for Vets

“Ramps for Vets” is a program TBF offers to make veterans home handicap assessable. Independence is important to these men and women and we would like to help make that possible by creating an environment that they can easily traverse.