They Call Me The Teddy Bear This is Sharon Davis. We are Trying to Help Those Who Cannot Help Themselves Overwhelmed by the Fog of War many of our Veterans have become POW to the streets of the Country they were willing to lay their lives down to protect.The Teddy Bear Foundation has a heart for our suffering Heros who are caught up and tangled in a private hell of Confusion.

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Providing shelter to the veterans

The veterans who battled for our country, After years of waging wars overseas when they come back from the front lines, too many of them live a miserable life. After the service, they are unemployed and couldn’t find the job. They end up living in the trucks and the streets. They easily can’t mix with society because of the years of serving in the army. The critical medical and mental health condition is difficult to overcome. They have the scars of the wars; have nobody by their side. These veterans are jobless, homeless and hungry. They left untreated and unseen on the streets.


10 veterans benefits you may not know about

Many of the veterans come to know about the primary health care and educational privileges accessible to them; The Department of Veterans Affairs: Tricare and the GI Bill. While these benefits alone are essential, various other programs help provide more benefits to veterans and their families. Even within the healthcare and education programs are little-known benefits to improve the lives of veterans and provide financial assistance to them to lessen the burden of medical bills or other expenses. Here are the ten veterans benefits, they can enjoy if they qualify for it.

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Helping Those Who Cannot Help Themselves!!

As you may or may not be aware of, there is a nationwide Opioid Overdose Crisis in the streets of America unlike we have ever seen and our homeless war-torn vets are surely no exception. Because many of our war heroes have or are receiving treatment for pain with narcotics for injuries acquired in the heat of battle, prescription drug abuse is on the rise among veterans. Over time, veterans have become dependent on these drugs and eventually become addicted. No one wants to live this way. While no one seems immune to these killers, the facts show that alcohol abuse and addiction is more common among veterans.

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Opioid Overdose Crisis

OPIOID OVERDOSE CRISIS According to a recent report by “The Guardian” opioid overdose increased by one- third across the US in 14 months. It is affecting all the age groups and gender. The most rising opioid overdose epidemic is an alarm. The false use of opioid, illicit use of prescription opioid overdose killed nearly 64000 […]

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Latest Event

The Teddy Bear Foundation is going to be reaching out to Hotel Owners for Unrented rooms and Restaurants and Hospitals & Half Way Houses to get our Once Brave Fighting Men & Women Off the Streets, Fed, in a Warm Bed and in their Right Minds.


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Latest causes


Teddy Bear Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the sole purpose of caring for homeless veterans. This is accomplished by donations and working that help provide meals, clothing, and ultimately the transition for many Veterans to full-time employment and life from the streets.



We need to remember that these are our men and women who selflessly served our country and are homeless because of problems in their lives after they came home. Problems for most of them were caused by their military service, we request our people to help us in feeding the brave-hearts.



We help veterans with medical aids for their service-connected disability.Former Prisoners of War Veterans are suffering from mental illness.We provide medical help to our vetrans who are in need.Veterans Care program designed to provide affordable healthcare to uninsured veterans.